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Anonymous said...

Ol GP, thank you for being so wonderful. Your passing has left a huge void in our lives, but we are so grateful you stayed with us as long as you did.

We love you,

allyson said...

Rob, Merrie, Sienna and Cord -- We are sorry for your loss. You are in our thoughts and prayers. The Hale Family

Tammy said...

Our prayers and blessing be with you Mark and Family - your father will be greatly missed, But the pain is over, and he can what great adventure is beyond.

Michelle said...

Love you Dad!

Anonymous said...

I had the honor of knowing “Doc” for 10 years in Austin as a tenant of Wind River. He will always be remembered in my mind as a fun, kind, and hard working fair man. We shared laughs together, stories of adventure, and he always asked about my family, as he told me how proud he was of his.
He is in peaceful rest now, no more pain, just joy, looking down upon us all wishing us well. We will all miss him. My prayers are with him and those he left behind.

Paul Rolfe

Curt said...

Bob was a good friend and a great neighbor. I will miss his
enlightening conversation over our daily happy hour wine.
He will be deeply missed. A toast to you Mr. Bob.

Anonymous said...

my best wishes to the family.not only was he my surgeon,but also my best friend for the last 40 yr. he will be missed.
David Martchenke

Krista Fox said...

How blessed am I to have known Bob and even more so to have been able to call myself part of his family... My kids even more blessed to have him as one of their "grandpa's!" I became part of the family late in Bob's life, but the times I spent with him will never be forgotten...he always treated me with sincere kindness and made me feel right at home...I will always appreciate and remember him for that... We will miss him dearly...but he will forever be in our hearts...
-Krista Fox

Holly said...

Bob was a nice guy and a good doctor. He treated a friend of mine when he was hit by a car & had his back broken back in the early 80's. I remember Bob as always being available, open, concerned, and extremely conscientious.

A good man. One who will be very much missed.

Gentle journey, Bob.

Anonymous said...

How appropriate that Bob passed away on my birthday. I worked for Bob from 1973 to 1976. I learned so much from him. What a guy! He will be missed.


R.W. said...

Bob was a great friend and a very genuine person. We had many enjoyable phone calls and days on the golf course. I hope that I brought some joy to his life and I wish all of his relatives well. He really did love you all.

Ray Navis

JC said...

ALOHA BOB-In the years I knew you in Hawaii you filled my families life with your friendliness, helpfulness and incredible energy!See you in that great Golf Course in the Sky Bob!Miss you man.JC

Gregory Crouch said...

Dear Mark and Rob,

So sorry to see this news. I have such great memories of scouting with your dad (and the two of you, obviously). RIP Dr. M., and my thoughts are with the two of you in this tough time.

Troop 26 forever. Best regards,

Gregory Crouch

marjorie nahl said...

Marjorie Nahl: I read your obituary notice in the June 6th edition of West hawaii Today. In August of 1959 my family and I were living in San Francisco, our daughter Jamie age5 had an accident and we were instructed to take her to Childrens Hospital. We had only been in the city two weeks, and your husband and father took care of her, she had dislocated her hip and we were so grateful for his concern and comfort he gave to us all. loosing one we loved so much is one of the most difficult things asked of us, but as time passes your memories will be with you forever, much Aloha, Marjorie Nahl, Jamie.s mother.

Jennifer said...

Dear Bob,

I miss you and will always remember what a wonderful man you were to me while here in Austin. You look like such a movie star in your photos, I'm so glad I knew you while on this earth and hope to visit again later.


Jennifer Cunningham
Austin, Texas

Jennifer said...

Dear Bob,

I miss you and will always remember what a wonderful man you were to me while here in Austin. You look like such a movie star in your photos, I'm so glad I knew you while on this earth and hope to visit again later.


Jennifer Cunningham
Austin, Texas

Jennifer said...

Dear Bob,

I miss you and will always remember what a wonderful man you were to me while here in Austin. You look like such a movie star in your photos, I'm so glad I knew you while on this earth and hope to visit again later.


Jennifer Cunningham
Austin, Texas

Anonymous said...

I just learned of Bob's passing today and was saddened to hear the news. It was truly an honor and a great pleasure knowing him. My condolences to all the members of his wonderful family.

Mike Biermann

john said...

A Tribute to Dr. Bob, from John Arno…

When a person dedicates their life to the health of others, they are often known as nurses or doctors. The world accords them a certain respect—understandably for their knowledge, but more for their compassion for others. In deed their compassion compels them into the dedication of caring for others.

There is something special about a person who devotes their life to the care of others. It takes more than an interest in science, chemistry, or medicine to make a doctor. One can be a student of those things and even make a living from studying them without having to incur the investment of time to combine them into the specialized knowledge required to be a doctor. It is in deed, a unique profession.

It is common for a doctor to care for others until the health of their patients exceed their capacity to treat them. Eventually patients succumb to life, even in the most caring and capable hands. I am certain that is always a challenging moment for those who provide their care.

In the experience we have of doctors in our lives, they are always asking about us. How we are feeling, what hurts us, and informing us of what they can do for us. For them, much of their life is about us. They make every effort to be here for us, when we need them. Their life is ultimately about service to us, and others. Surely, service is the highest form of consciousness on the planet, and is to be practiced wherever possible.

In the book of Matthew, chapter 25Jesus speaks of the day when He returns and will separate the people of the earth as a shepherd divides the sheep from the goats. The sheep on His right hand are those who have served others while the goats on His left are the selfish who took only for themselves.

To this, He says, “Verily I say unto you, inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me."

In the selfless service and relationship between doctor and patient, there is a doing unto the patient by the doctor that, according to Christ, is done also to Christ—to the Christ that resides in the patient through the eternal, omniscient loving spirit and being of Christ.

In his life of service to others, Robert gave of himself. He used his knowledge, abilities, and time to give people something greater than what they presented to him at the onset of their relationship. They gave him their problems. He graciously accepted them and provided solutions in return. He was pleased to see his patients do well. A physician committed to the health of people receives a special joy in such things, for they are a part of the solution that makes their patient better. In the end, the patient lives a better life for having known their doctor—regardless of how long.
Doctors are great teachers. They teach us by example, the most important lesson in life: to care for others through the eyes of empathy and the hands of compassion. Our ability to do this is one of the things that makes us human. Doctors seem to specialize in this ability.

Bob cared deeply about his friends and family. He found ways to accept the differences of opinion that would arise from time to time, and move on. He realized there is no perfection in the world, only an opportunity to enjoy a little of its beauty and pleasures for an unfairly short time. He found such beauty and pleasure in the people he loved most. That made him very rich in deed.

Thank you Bob for being my friend; for your gracious willingness to include me in your life and share with me, some of the things that meant the most to you. I always knew what was most important to you. It was simply your family, and the places and experiences you loved sharing with them. How did I know? When you spoke about it, your face changed. Your eyes softened and your voice filled with affection. It was a privilege seeing that loving in action. Thank you for the privilege of knowing you. God bless you for having given so much to so many people. You in deed served the least of your brethren.

Anonymous said...

Idea shaking, I support.

Anonymous said...

I had the fortune of meeting Dr. Mazzetti only a handful of times at his home in Hawaii. He was the definition of a gentleman: a great host (and excellent cook!), an expert conversationalist with a nuanced but hilarious sense of humor, and a man genuinely committed to his family. The news that he passed came to me late, but I want to send my belated condolences to his family.

All the best,

Anonymous said...

Hi Dad - just thinking of you as we celebrate a new addition to the family!!! You are a Grandfather yet again!!! Hope you are well wherever you are....